Freight Audit & Payment Case Studies

At Cass, we are proud of the results we deliver. To see how we ensure best-in-class processes and robust, trustworthy business intelligence, read how we helped Toyota, DuPont or one of the other clients showcased below.

toyota logistics case study

Toyota Leverages Freight Cost Data for Big Results

Toyota has an unwavering focus on the value of data. See how the data we deliver enables improved spend analysis, savings and a continuous cycle of process improvement.

             dupont logistics case study

Cass and DuPont Drive Continuous Improvement

DuPont has always maintained a focus on rigorous audit controls. Read why the Cass rating engine is a key part of that, and learn about their three most important freight payment KPIs.

Hershey freight payment case study

Freight Payment Data Helps Hershey Determine its Landed Costs

When you’re shipping candy bars and Twizzlers, arriving at an accurate landed cost per unit isn’t easy. See how Hershey and Cass examined and improved the process to arrive at that goal.


dole logistics case study

Dole’s Transportation Systems Integrate Beautifully

Learn how Dole integrated four solutions – SAP, TMS, Cass freight payment, and its 3PL provider solution – for best-in-class transportation management.

parcel audit management case study

Cass Achieves Results in Parcel Audits. See Six Short Examples.

The value of Cass Parcel Services goes far beyond processing and auditing. The business intelligence we deliver help identify significant opportunities for savings.


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