Waste Plans

Time for a waste plan analysis? Whether you have local, regional or national plans with your waste haulers, Cass can deliver large scale buying power and sophisticated operational systems to save you money. At Cass, we help clients analyze their current programs to ensure you're not over-paying for corporate waste removal and recycling services.

You may contract with one waste hauler, use multiple haulers or a waste broker today.  Regardless of your current program, you can tap into the waste expertise of Cass to help you optimize your waste program. At Cass, we will track your service requests and contracts so that we can audit your waste invoices to the penny.

Additionally, Cass has national buying power -- which is another way we can reduce your waste removal and recycling costs. On behalf of hundreds of clients across the country, Cass sources and manages millions of dollars in waste hauling services. This buying power, combined with our detailed intelligence on rates and vendor service cost structures in each geographic market, puts your business at a distinct advantage over the average waste customer. Plus, our deep expertise managing thousands of waste plans every day and relationships with the waste haulers collecting at these sites gives us the power to achieve the most advantageous rates in each market for all of our clients – regardless of their size. Decrease your waste and recycling costs by joining other smart businesses as a Cass client.

Cass provides the best of all worlds: a single point of contact for vendor management, proactive analysis and procurement for optimal service and rates, contract management, precise invoice auditing, business-practical sustainability programs and more. While most organizations are experiencing steep growth in waste costs and poor expense visibility, our clients are averaging over 20% savings in their first year alone with Cass.