Waste Management

Cass Delivers Best Practices in Waste Management

By applying best practices in waste management, companies can reduce corporate expenses. However, to execute best practices, organizations must be able to leverage technology and deep domain expertise. To avoid paying more for waste management than your organization should, you must:

  • Negotiate low service rates and complete fee structures – which require geo-specific cost-of-service and qualified vendor knowledge. While waste hauler national programs provide a central point of contact, there is an inherent demotivation to truly optimize expense savings.
  • Optimize waste service levels – which means maintaining accurate data on the waste volume generated at each of your locations
  • Recover over-charges through precise, systematic invoice auditing - which isn’t possible unless you can define and manage the line item-level charges (that usually aren’t printed on the invoices) as well as carefully document all changes in service requests

      waste management program

Clients that transition from in-house management of waste and recycling to outsourced management through Cass Information Systems typically realize savings within two billing cycles. While most companies are struggling with steep growth in waste expenses and poor expense visibility, our clients are averaging over 20% savings and know why.

The more you spend on waste and recycling services, the more opportunity you have to save. However, knowing what is possible to achieve is only the first step toward execution. To realize savings from corporate waste management, your company must be able to leverage:

  • Sophisticated automation tools to manage critical data items, calculate expected invoice amounts (to provide a basis from which to conduct automated audits upon invoice receipt) and perform technology-assisted optimization analysis
  • Relationships with both national and regional waste haulers nationwide 
  • Deep waste industry knowledge, including an understanding of how waste haulers’ costs vary by region due to local regulations, competition, availability of recycling services and the cost structure of local landfills 
  • Knowledge of actual market rates for waste hauling services by region and through national program offerings

Effective Waste Management – Contract with Cass, an Expert Service Provider

The most effective way to apply best practices in waste management for most organizations is not through a do-it-yourself program or by consolidating all your business through a national program with a waste collection vendor (that must often subcontract with regional waste haulers). The best way is to work with an industry leader in waste management – an organization that is 100% aligned with your business objectives and succeeds by reducing your costs and managing high quality, optimal efficiency service levels.

Cass is not a waste hauler. We manage waste hauling services for our clients and, in the process, develop effective working relationships with the nation’s best providers. We become intimately aware of each supplier’s performance levels and each market’s rates. The best-in-breed service providers appreciate Cass, because we understand their business – including their cost structure and billing systems. We work with these companies to achieve their most competitive healthy pricing and grow their service base density to improve their operational cost efficiencies.

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