A Unique Waste Management Solution for your Property Type

How you manage waste is somewhat dependent on the type of business you operate. Read about our industry solutions for: 

Restaurants have different requirements than multifamily housing or healthcare facilities, for example. Another critical factor is the waste market location of your sites. Waste markets can be defined by municipal boundaries, disposal or recovery facilities, vendor route concentration and more. Add site-specific requirements and the diverse, fast-growing waste regulations and some might say waste can be a messy expense area to manage.

By focusing on a core group of industries, Cass has developed unique and powerful competencies. And supporting those skills is a large database of usage and cost data deep within each segment. This data facilitates better results for you: more favorable and customized contract terms, more accurate service optimization, and price points that compare with or beat your peers.

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For more information about Cass Waste Management Services, call us at 1-800-332-1554 or contact us online. You can also check out our resources to help you improve your waste management program.

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