You may not have the time to think about your costs for waste & recycling. Few of our clients do. That's why they engage Cass to aggressively manage their waste & recycling. We can support your internal procurement and AP teams with selected backup services or function as a complete outsourced service - managing procurement to payment. Either way, you'll see savings and have more visibility into service levels and what you're spending than ever before. Take a couple minutes to view the short videos below to see why our clients say our service pays for itself.

Program Overview: How Cass Controls your Waste & Recycling Costs

  View Actual Waste Invoice Errors & Recovery Amounts to See Why Audits are So Important

 Waste Cost Management Video

See how Cass puts its expertise to work to save you money. Our buying power, optimization services and advanced cost control systems all work together to deliver a positive ROI.

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       Waste Invoice Audit Controls 

17% of waste invoices contain errors - most of them not in your favor. Watch the video to see actual overcharges we caught - and how we recovered the money for our clients. 

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Waste Technology Tools: See What We Use to Ensure You Don't Overpay 

Waste Expense Management Video 

Technology, people and process all come together in our unique service solution. See how we utilize tools such as Cass WasteVision™ and ExpenseSmart™ to handle everything from contract negotiations to daily service requests.

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