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Waste expense management

Cass Waste Management Program Clients Save 20% on Average

Waste management services from Cass provide you deep cost savings, tight quality control and clear visibility on your waste and recycling services. We deliver these results while liberating your resources to focus on your core business priorities.

Cass is not a waste hauler. Instead, we provide a complete expense management solution for multi-site organizations throughout the United States. Cass offers a powerful national waste management program with a bias only toward achieving best price and service value at every client location. Unlike national programs provided by waste hauling companies with a profit objective on the waste collection and equipment services, we are cleanly aligned with your objective to achieve optimal efficiencies and expense savings.

Beyond ongoing sourcing and service optimization, Cass leverages its dedicated expertise and WasteVision™ technology to ensure sustainable, accurate cost savings. Waste service invoices are typified by vague service descriptions and combined or “roll-up” service fees, rendering most waste customers unable to verify true invoice accuracy. Cass addresses this issue through its precise invoice auditing technology that confirms “to-the-penny” accuracy and contractual compliance on every waste service invoice. Cass completely manages the recovery of billing error credits, liberating your staff for core priorities.

Cass also provides one-stop, real-time client support resources as part of its closed-looped waste management services. Client corporate contacts enjoy a dedicated Account Manager and client sites have just one number to call for all of their waste service requests, questions and waste issues resolution. In addition to saving your staff time, Cass client support provides control and prompt service for temporary service needs and expert evaluation of service issues to protect your costs with service adjustments and equipment issues.

Think of us as your full-time waste management department. We continuously manage the details, drive results and provide clear visibility on a previously murky expense area. You maintain control and focus on your core business priorities. Learn more >>

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