The Cass Partner Network

Cass Delivers Value through its Partnerships with Energy Management Companies

Cass teams with the country’s pre-eminent energy management companies to deliver a complete energy expense management program to end-user organizations. Cass focuses on the business process of managing invoices for utility, waste and other facility-related expenses, and then turns the data it acquires through this process into valuable business intelligence. The data is shared nightly with its various partners, tightly integrated into rate and tariff engines to drive savings to the end-user customer.

The Cass model – which allows Cass and its partner network to focus on its own specialized set of core competencies – has enabled Cass to grow to the largest utility bill processor in the U.S. Cass currently manages 55 million invoices and six terabytes of images through its industry-leading utility expense management platform.

Like Cass, our partners focus on their core competencies - driving energy savings through services in sourcing, audit, demand management, rate optimization and much more. Large organizations rely on the specialized technical experts of Cass Energy Service Provider (ESP) partners to help procure energy competitively, evaluate rate options, selectively deploy capital to maximize their returns on lighting and HVAC retrofits, and design behavior-based conservation programs. Cass energy management company partners use Cass-supplied data to target and track the results of these energy management programs, allowing the end-user organization to maximize the value of the information derived from the utility invoice process.

For the client, this combined solution provides more cost savings and actionable data than any single-provider solution for energy management you will find.

If you are an ESP with a proven track record of driving energy savings to your customers and are interested in learning more about the Cass Partner network, please contact us about how we can work in partnership to create greater value for our joint clients.