Sustainability / Carbon Accounting

Cass Supplies Accurate Data for Carbon Accounting

Many corporations that make up the S&P 500 Index have already begun to generate baselines for carbon emissions and are steadily increasing the sophistication of their data-gathering processes. It is unclear on whether or not new governmental mandates are forthcoming, but it is good business to stay informed about the carbon footprints of facilities and the enterprise. Additionally, many businesses see an opportunity to build and shape their brand’s appeal through programs that showcase their sustainability efforts. These businesses – large and small – are responding to pressure from climate-conscious customers and shareholders. It is good for the environment and good for the bottom line.

Data Integrity is Key to Carbon Accounting

Where do organizations start? It all begins with reliable data. Data integrity is the key to any successful carbon accounting initiative. An excellent way to begin is by partnering with one of the nationally-recognized energy service providers (ESPs) that that turn to Cass for the utility bill management that helps compile actionable and reportable data.

Gathering meaningful data is at the core of the Cass value proposition: By extracting accurate data through the invoice management process, Cass enables organizations to establish carbon baselines, and our ESP partners formulate strategies to drive reductions. Our Cass portal, ExpenseSmart, is a business intelligence platform that normalizes and organizes the data. ExpenseSmart allows end-users to track carbon emissions, view trends, analyze patterns and evaluate the success of energy management initiatives.