Cass Parcel Audit Services

Cass processed invoices for 145 million parcel shipments in 2017.

Cass parcel auditing services will give you the ability to quickly and easily control and reduce costs associated with parcel shipping. For each package you ship, charges and service levels can be audited against agreed-upon rates and terms. 

Cass employs a team of specialists, as well as distinct technology, dedicated to parcel audit and expense management.

For parcel shipments, we audit for:

  • Rate, including tiered & incentive discounts and accessorials
  • Service failure audit and reporting of exceptions
  • Duplicate detection at the invoice, package and package charge levels
  • Account number validation
  • Proof of shipment
  • No proof of delivery
  • Customer specific audit requirements

By receiving all parcel invoices via EDI, we build a substantial database of parcel shipment and spend information over time. The result is an extremely powerful view of your shipping activity - by package, carrier, origin or destination, service and much more. Delve into proactive parcel management enabled by this unprecedented visibility.

Parcel Invoice Audit Case Studies