Freight Audit and Payment

Achieve Best Practices in Freight Audit and Payment

A best-in-class freight audit and payment solution gives shippers the tools they need for effective transportation expense management. From easing the administrative tasks of invoice processing, to creating cost savings through invoice audits, to delivering actionable business intelligence, the benefits of an automated, best practice freight audit and payment solution are many.

Choosing a freight audit and payment provider is a strategic decision. Although many aspects of the solution are certainly tactical and task-oriented, the ability to deliver complex solutions and powerful business intelligence is not.

Why Cass is the Industry Leader in Freight Audit and Payment

Beginning with its FreightPay® services more than 50 years, Cass today remains the largest provider, as well as the innovator, in the freight payment industry. The world’s largest shippers continue to choose Cass for the following reasons:

  • Expertise in all modes, including ocean, rail, parcel and multimodal
  • Processing and reporting for all move types, including outbound, inbound, third party, intercompany and more
  • Advanced accounting capabilities
  • Global freight payment for all geographies and currencies
  • Commitment to process improvement
  • Advanced systems for the most complex transportation infrastructures and business rules
  • Detailed and accurate business intelligence to support supply chain analysis
  • Financial strength and stability, which gives Cass the ability to scale our operations to meet even the largest shippers’ needs

Complex Customer-Specific Solutions

Cass is known for partnering with high-volume shippers to create solutions that solve difficult transportation expense management challenges. We bring the most advanced technology and systems in the industry, as well as the most experienced staff.

The more complex your transportation infrastructure, the more you have to gain by implementing a best-practice solution:

  • Cost savings enabled by detailed audits and advanced duplicate protection
  • Automated GL coding and accruals, with system integration with your ERP or accounting system
  • One integrated source of business intelligence for your transportation expense data
  • Visibility that enables process improvement and further savings initiatives
  • Process efficiency by handling exception invoices only

Contact us to learn how we can add value to your transportation, logistics and accounting operations as a best-in-class freight audit and payment partner.

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