Why Choose Cass?

Cass Delivers Telecom, Mobility and BYOD Solutions with Unrivaled Accountability

Managing more than $50 billion a year in supplier payments, Cass (NASDAQ: CASS) is a well-managed provider of expense control systems. Our ability to provide clients with solid financial controls is demonstrated by our own internal financial management. As a public company, our success in managing steady growth and profitability is a matter of public record.

Our growth can be attributed to our service-first philosophy. We don't simply provide software that forces you to do the work. We put our systems, software, processes and experienced people to work for you to deliver real accountability.

ExpenseSmart™ Provides Visibility to Fixed Telecom, Mobility & IT Costs

ExpenseSmart provides complete visibility to the process. We ensure your company is paying for the services it actually uses–and is not paying for mobile devices, software and other telecom assets that are not in use. By delivering best practices in telecom lifecycle management, Cass facilitates a closed-loop process that links your telecom contracts back to your payment. After all, what's the point of negotiating low rates with your suppliers if the invoices don't reflect these discounts?

What's Different About Cass?

  • Legacy of Leadership: Publicly held and founded over 100 years ago, Cass has been in the expense management industry since 1956. Cass manages more than $50 billion annually.
  • Safety and Security: Cass is well capitalized with assets exceeding $1.5 billion. And, as a member of the Federal Reserve, Cass offers global financial exchange and payment outsourcing capabilities, with the security of a global financial institution. 
  • Unrivaled Processing Efficiency: Invoices (over 90% of which are electronic) are validated and posted to the TEM platform in under 48 hours with 99.67% accuracy.
  • Fewer Disconnects: Because of its efficiency, Cass averages less than one disconnect per million billing account numbers managed.
  • Fewer Late Fees: Cass customers enjoy record-low late fees of only 0.01% of their telecom spend—a mark that is 80x better than the industry average according to analyst firm AOTMP.

With Cass, You Can Expect:

  • Simplified Implementation: Our implementations are measured in days, not months. We guarantee implementations are complete in less than 100 days.
  • Global Infrastructure: Cass has clients throughout the world and, in addition to the U.S., we have offices in Brazil, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.
  • Centralized Reporting from a Unified Platform: Manage, track, and optimize all assets of the organization from one centralized location—this integrated platform provides greater control of—and visibility into—your telecommunications ecosystem.
  • Immediate ROI: Cass managed mobility services (MMS) clients see average savings greater than 14% annually on their mobility bills.
  • Superior BYOD Payment Solution: The patented Cass Direct2Carrier Payments™ system reimburses employees directly via a credit on their wireless bill—and it works regardless of carrier. This solution was recognized by Gartner as “the most-fit-for-purpose solution to date for specifically managing SRAs and the payment process itself.”
  • Dedicated Account Management Ensures Satisfaction: Named account teams are assigned to every client, so our team members understand your business. Plus, Cass offers a 24/7 professionally trained, U.S.-based help desk for end users.

Moving to Cass - Why Now?

Much has changed in recent years as mobility and cloud deployments have matured and more IT costs are now operating expenses (OPEX), rather than capital expenses (CAPEX). You need a stable business partner to help you create strong financial and process controls for managing recurring expenses. Cass will manage the workload of processing monthly invoices and allocating these recurring charges to appropriate cost centers. You need Cass - one of the very few publicly held providers of telecom lifecycle management services with a decades-long history of steady, profitable growth.

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