Telecom Expense Management

Reduce Costs for Fixed and Mobile

Cass telecom expense management services improve processes and produce well-documented savings. By delivering best practices, Cass facilitates a closed-loop process that links your telecom and mobility contracts back to invoice approval and your payment.

Where do we find savings? In several areas. For example:

  • Invoice audits detect overcharges, and amounts are recovered. 
  • Late fees are reduced to negligible amounts. 
  • Unused services are cancelled and eliminated from billing.
  • Optimization recommendations lead to savings when Cass finds way to switch to more optimal service plans, equipment or technology.

For expense management efforts to be truly effective, an enterprise must adopt an interconnected system to unify otherwise disparate activities for managing its telecom services and expenses. Only when a single telecom management solution is in place – allowing sourcing activities, contract management, invoice audits and inventory management to happen in an integrated fashion – can you achieve your business goals of superior process management. 

Cass provides best-practice telecom expense management through a managed service offering grounded by its industry-leading TEM platform, ExpenseSmart.

Cass Offers a Complete Solution for Fixed and Mobile

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What Makes Telecom Different from other IT Costs?

Telecom invoice management is different from other supplier invoices for several reasons. First, telecom costs are high; despite new technologies such as MPLS and VOIP, organizations still spend considerable amounts on unified communications. Second, telecom is complex and these invoices contain technical jargon that's difficult to understand unless you have a telecom background. Third, these costs are for mission-critical, recurring services that no one wants to accidentally suspend due to untimely payment. Additionally, poorly managed change can be costly.

What Can Go Wrong In Telecom

Often the IT infrastructure team will deploy new services after conducting extensive competitive bids. Then after the service deployment and invoices start to flow into Accounts Payable, errors go undetected and organizations end up paying for services and equipment no longer in use. Or hard-fought price concessions do not get billed correctly. Or services that were never provisioned end up on the bill and no one notices. These invoices contain acronyms, jargon and technical language, so it's no wonder that so many mistakes slip through. Many times those who approve telecom invoices are ill-equipped to determine if an invoice is accurate. To avoid late fees and service shut offs, invoices are often summarily approved without any effective audits or controls. And the cycle continues month after month. In contrast, invoices for one-time service costs or equipment will often be allowed more time to be vetted. In the world of telecom, SaaS subscription fees and other recurring costs, the process continues. Errors repeat themselves month after month. Using a TEM service partner such as Cass gives organizations the specialized resources they need to manage these costs effectively.

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