Enterprise Mobility Management

Far too many enterprises are suffering from mobility fragmentation: too many disjointed solutions, and not enough cohesive integration. Why have separate TEM, MDM, and BYOD and reimbursement solutions scattered around your enterprise, requiring more labor, more vendors, more cost - with less visibility? Instead, you could be getting traction with Cass Managed Mobility Services (MMS), which incorporates best-in-class Cass Telecom Expense Management (TEM), a complete BYOD solution, and integration with your MDM for complete visibility, control, optimization and management of your corporate and BYOD mobile devices in a single, managed service experience. For enterprise mobility management, you can’t find a more complete solution.

    mobile device provisioning    

Device and Service Provisioning

A unique element of the Cass enterprise mobility management solution is the availability of an online portal where employees can provision their own devices and plans (choosing from a role-based corporate catalog). This streamlines the device provisioning process and includes such features as approval workflow and order status updates.

    rate plan optimization    

Invoice Auditing

Systematic invoice audits are an integral component of our mobility management services. Through our audit process, we identify anomalies on wireless invoices and monitor contract compliance to ensure the company is receiving all discounts and rates as agreed upon in the contract terms.

    telecom device inventory    

Inventory Management

Keep track of all company-owned devices—as well as BYOD if you desire—all in one place. And, because our mobility management solution integrates the functions of enrollment, procurement, inventory management and invoice auditing, you will always know what you have, be confident that invoices are being paid accurately, and have visibility into spend details, including how costs are being allocated.

    mobile device management    

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Because the Cass managed mobility solution integrates with all the major MDM providers, you will gain increased visibility into your MDM deployment–at the device level.

    rate plan optimization    

Rate Plan Optimization

A key element of the Cass managed mobility solution is proactive cost and usage analysis. The mobility specialists at Cass have a deep knowledge of wireless cost structures and current plans from all the major carriers. As part of your mobility management services account team, they take on the task of rate plan optimization, providing recommendations and strategies for significant savings.

    telecom business intelligence    

Business Intelligence & Visibility

You can’t manage mobility costs without detailed visibility to expense details, inventory and usage. With robust business intelligence at your fingertips, you will quickly and easily be able to access data and reports on wireless activity and spend. 

    Mobile policy enforcement    

Policy Enforcement

To manage mobility effectively, strong policies must be written and enforced. When you use Cass, online self-enrollment, help tools, procurement, policy acceptance and training will promote a healthy program of policy adherence and enforcement. Additionally, Cass can often tell you if employees have deleted or disabled the required MDM client.

    mobile device help desk    

Help Desk

Cass’ wireless help desk provides efficient support, customized to your company’s needs. Services include Tier 1, 2 and VIP support, depot services and reverse logistics, break/fix management and much more.


Manage & Reimburse BYOD

The Cass solution for BYOD provides online enrollment, policy acceptance, and Direct2Carrier™ stipend payments, allowing clients to streamline BYOD and reduce administrative costs. You’ll also eliminate the typical hassles of BYOD - such as expense reports, managing employee change, and the lack of visibility into mobility costs. Some companies use just our BYOD solution; others rely on us to manage mobility for the entire enterprise—all in one solution.

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