BYOD: A Complete, Best-Practice Solution

The Cass BYOD solution gives enterprises an innovative, “zero-touch” approach to large-scale BYOD management – automating and connecting everything from employee enrollment through reimbursement. Completely different than anything on the market, it delivers process efficiency, visibility, risk management and cost control.

The three cornerstones of Cass BYOD are: 

  1. Direct-to-carrier payments
  2. Streamlined processes
  3. Increased controls

The patented, Cass Direct2Carrier Payment™ solution streamlines the process of reimbursing your employees for BYOD. Instead of getting reimbursed through employee payroll or an expense report process, the employee's invoice from their wireless carrier shows a credit to the account - the amount the employer has already paid to the carrier. If you reimburse $50 per month, the employee pays the net invoice amount, which reflects a $50 credit. The Cass BYOD solution maintains data on employee-owned wireless accounts and each employee’s associated approved amount for employer reimbursement.

BYOD Bring your own device

Second, processes are streamlined. Because the employee does not receive funds from the employer, employees don’t need to complete an expense report. Payments to the carrier are made electronically, using the employer’s general ledger accounting rules for automated cost allocations.

Third, controls are strengthened through expanded visibility; all telecom data is in one central repository. Employee-level expense and inventory data for employee-owned devices is maintained in the same platform that manages your corporate-liable wireless expenses. This gives you maximum visibility into your BYOD program as well as an integrated source of data for all of the company’s mobility expenses.

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The benefits to your organization

  • Reduced IT support costs
  • Greater cost control
  • Device inventory and spend fully integrated with corporate-liable devices
  • Integrated with HRIS to account for employee moves and terminations

The benefits to your employees

  • No manual expense report process
  • Employees enjoy the freedom to use preferred devices

The Problems with Most BYOD Programs

Reimbursement through Expense Reports

  • Manual process of creating, entering and reimbursing
  • No view of inventory or spend
  • Difficult to account for telecom expense to the business
  • No linkage between network access requests and HR

Payroll Stipends

  • Limited reporting from HRIS
  • No access to inventory
  • Difficult to account for telecom expense to the business


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