Industries We Serve

A diverse group of clients utilize Cass solutions to make managing the telecom and mobility lifecycle less costly. Through our customer relationships, Cass has cultivated deep domain expertise in the retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, wholesale, insurance & financial services, professional services and healthcare verticals.




Consumer Goods/Manufacturing

Restaurant Retail Telecom Expense Management

Retailers experience a heavy load of moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs) as they respond quickly to trends and localized market conditions. Managing many endpoints, retailers are sometimes plagued by inefficient change processes that result in late fees and even service disruptions.

Cass retail clients include: Aarons, L Brands, Lowes, Michaels, Staples, Rite Aid, Target and many more.

       Manufacturing Telecom Expense Management

Manufacturers strive to increase efficiencies, reduce operational waste and guard their intellectual property. These objectives often create a culture that embraces both innovation and rigorous process controls. Some of our largest TEM & BYOD deployments are for manufacturers such as Michelin.

Cass consumer goods/manufacturing clients include: Borg Warner, Clorox, Kellogg, Michelin and Sonoco.

Insurance & Financial Services



Insurance Finance Telecom Expense Management

These professional service firms know about managing cost and security controls. We work with them to create the environment they desire to keep an eye on the bottom line and execute their security policies.

Cass insurance and financial services clients include: Edward Jones, Lockton Companies, Nationwide, Unum, UMB and VSP.

       Healthcare Telecom Expense Management

Efficient communications, regulatory compliance and patient privacy are paramount for healthcare providers. Cass services help healthcare IT organizations reduce the costs associated with maintaining reliable networks.

Cass healthcare clients include: Advocate Healthcare, Ardent Healthcare, Charles River Labs, Ohio Health and Quest Diagnostics.