mass payments
    More than a bank,
    Cass puts the "fin" in fintech.

    With Cass, you can eliminate layers of cost & complexity.

    Other companies that offer solutions for mass payments must deal with both a processing company and a third-party bank to move funds. Not Cass. We are both a processor and the bank. As an ODFI institution, we move funds directly.

    mass payments business

    Mass Payment & Reconciliation Services 

    Streamline payments and reconciliations with a custom-fit, mass payout solution 

    Mass payments -- including cross-border payments -- should not be as complex as you might be experiencing today. Cass delivers a customized, scalable and secure mass payout service for those who want to make bulk payments with less hassle. Our solution can encompass micro payments, one-to-many payments, or many-to-many.  

    Clients outsource their bulk payment needs to Cass so they can:
    • Get the solution that doesn't quite exist elsewhere

    • Get to market faster

    • Reduce transaction costs

    • Simplify the process

    • Pay in multiple currencies

    • Optimize cash flow with supply chain finance

    • Improve transparency into payment status and reconciliations

    • Strengthen financial controls

    • Serve payees that require multiple options

    • Streamline and scale up a process that is just too costly or cumbersome today

    Why Cass? First, unlike other fintechs that are integrated with a bank, we are a bank. Our subsidiary, Cass Commercial Bank, is a Federal Reserve Member Bank in operation since 1906. That means our payment platform delivers optimum transparency in managing cleared checks and returned ACHs. And because security is of paramount concern, our clients can trust our audited processes, knowing that we are part of the regulated federal reserve banking system. 

    Please contact us about a custom-fit Cass payment solution.