Expense Management & Payments Solutions

Cass' enterprise expense management solutions include:

  • Freight Audit & Payment: Cass is the market leader in freight payment, offering custom solutions to support clients' complex freight and parcel management needs. Full visibility is delivered via CassPort®, our Web-based intelligence engine.
  • Telecom Expense Management: Cass helps corporations sustain measurable cost reductions through management of fixed telecom & mobile environments, including BYOD.
  • Utility Bill Payment: Cass is the market leader for data capture, utility bill payment and information analysis for utility and other facility-related expenses.
  • Waste Expense Management: Cass serves multi-location businesses by reducing operating costs through waste services procurement, optimization and precise invoice auditing. Cass provides centralized support for all waste-related client needs.

B2B Back-Office Payment Solutions:

Cass is a behind-the-scenes provider for other companies’ branded B2B payment processing and commerce solutions, providing custom payment solutions in such diverse areas as healthcare payments, consumer product returns, international freight and more. Learn more.

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