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B2B Payment Solutions from Cass

Cass paid more than $50 billion to 150,000 suppliers in 2017

As a leading payment solutions provider, Cass disburses more than $50 billion annually on behalf of its clients. With assets exceeding $1.5 billion, Cass is both a publicly held solutions provider and a Federal Reserve Member bank. We provide leading solutions for distinct enterprise payables and are also a behind-the-scenes provider for other companies’ branded B2B payment processing and commerce solutions.

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Why B2B Commerce Solutions Partner with Cass

Companies in such diverse areas as healthcare payments, consumer product returns and international freight use Cass as their back office payment solution. What do these commerce solutions have in common? They have hundreds of payers, hundreds or thousands of vendors and sophisticated payment needs. Cass is an experienced partner that delivers a custom, scalable, secure payment solution. Clients choose Cass as their back-office payments provider so they can:

  • Outsource complex payment operations. With 60+ years in the payments business, Cass builds robust payment solutions that are highly customized for each client. The support of Cass Commercial Bank lets us offer a wider array of services than many other providers.

  • Eliminate a layer of cost and complexity. Many companies that offer a payment solution today deal with both a processing company and a third-party bank to move funds. Cass, however, is both the processor and the bank. In addition to eliminating a third party, another benefit of our banking infrastructure is that it supports more robust and nimble solutions.

  • Consolidate payments. Aggregate a high volume of small payments into single larger transactions.

  • Execute cross-border payments. Cass makes payments in virtually all currencies.

  • Optimize cash flow. Financing solutions are available to support cash flow needs for both clients and suppliers.

  • Lower payment processing costs. Cass delivers an efficient, automated payments process with lower bank service fees than our competitors. We also manage vendor onboarding and maintain your approved supplier list.

  • Gain greater visibility to payments. Partnering with one company that is both the processor and the bank allows payments and accounts to be tightly integrated. This gives our clients full, single-source visibility to both funding of the accounts and outgoing disbursements.

  • Implement custom and creative solutions. We know our clients to have sophisticated payment needs, and we have the people, experience, technology and banking infrastructure to build custom solutions that meets those needs. In doing so, we make every effort to build integrations with your existing systems that require minimal process change on your end.

  • Strengthen controls. As a Federal Reserve Member Bank, Cass Commercial Bank operates with strict financial controls. These include a full suite of compliance and fraud detection tools that help provide the financial security that our clients demand.

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